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Whether you have misplaced your keys or have become a victim of a burglary and had them stolen, our security locksmith services can restore your peace of mind by changing the locks on your door for you at any time of the day.

Safe-Cracking Service

Safe-opening-Vault 512The Locked Safe Opening Service – Safe Cracker Safecracker or Safe Cracker is a professional safe cracking / safe opening service. No matter what make or grade your locked safe is Safecracker will open it. There are a number of quite legitimate reasons why you may need our safe-cracking services – lost combinations, safe lock malfunctions, fires, and burglary attempts to name but a few.

Safe Opening Service – All Grades Of Safe Opened
Below are some examples of our services, they may well fall into the situation that you find yourself currently in.

Are you in one of these situations?

  • Have you lost your safe keys?
  • Your electronic combination lock has stopped working?
  • Your safe keys no longer seem to work?
  • You have found a safe and need it opened?
  • Your safe is locked open and you now can not lock it?
  • Has a locksmith tried to open my safe and couldn’t?


Safe’s Opened By Picking Open The Lock
By far the majority and most enjoyable part of my work is picking open locked safes. During my time as a safecracker, I have built up a massive collection of safe locks and have a detailed knowledge of how to pick open this lock.

A customer called with this locked safe, which he had no keys for. The lock was identified as an 8 lever Mauer President. I picked the safe open using a dedicated 2 in 1 pick. After opening it, I changed the lever order around in the lock and cut two new keys. This way the previous keys, should they fall into the wrong hands would no longer work on this safe. no damage was caused to the safe.

Safe Removals & Relocations Available Throughout The UK

Security Locksmith Services Our very experienced and fully insured safe removals crew are able to move all sizes and weights of safe. We can relocate a safe in an office, or remove it to another location next door or 200 miles away.

We provide reliable, flawless professional safe transportation that can be tailored to you. Our service is fast, stress-free and cost-effective.

If you have a safe that may require fixing to the floor we can bolt down your safe with the minimum inconvenience to your business.

Our Security Locksmith Services Guarantee

We guarantee that your safe will be removed and installed in perfect condition with minimum fuss and distribution to your day. Our Security Locksmith Services safecracker takes the stress out of safe removal and installation.

Our Security Locksmith Services can guarantee that your safe relocation will be on time and scheduled at a time that suits you.

Here are some things to consider before selecting the appropriate locksmith:

  • Given the busy lives, we all lead using the services of a locksmith which is open 24/7 is always going to be an advantage.
  • When you decide to have your safe removed or relocated you also need to be sure that the safe will be removed using the best and latest safe removal technology. Usually, all this work should be completed by a professional locksmith service that is also 100% insured – so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of your safe or property being damaged during the removal process.
  • Before selecting any locksmith for the removal and relocation of your safe check whether they are actually able to deal with all types of safes – try looking for locksmiths that have experience in removing all kinds of safes, from small residential safest to the large commercial safes.
  • Also, a reputable locksmith will be able to give you a full estimate of the cost of removal before they start work. It is recommended to have a qualified technician at your premises beforehand to provide you with an accurate estimate – so there won’t be any nasty shocks later.

Security Locksmith Services provides Safe Servicing, Vault Engineering and Locksmith Services across the UK. We only use fully vetted safe and vault engineers and Master Locksmiths for your peace of mind and security.

Lock and Combination Changes

Probably the main part of our business is safe servicing and combination changes. We service safes every day, so you can be sure that your safe is in good, experienced hands when you call us.

Many people ring us when they are locked out of their safe because of a fault or something is not operating correctly, which of course we will attend as soon as possible.

Safe Servicing

Our Security Locksmith Services – expert safe engineers provide the following National Safe and vault services:

  • Safe Servicing,
  • Safe and Vault Engineering,
  • Safe maintenance and service contracts,
  • Safe opening – non-destructive when possible,
  • Safe lock installation
  • Key safe locks,
  • Electronics safe locks,
  • Lock repairs,
  • Lock programming and re-programming
  • Key cutting and mastering,
  • Key safe supply and installation
  • Safe Installation and relocation,
  • Safe anchoring,
  • Safe relocking upgrades

You can rest assured that our experienced engineers will repair your safe as quickly as possible and as economically as possible.

If you ring us we may ask you some questions about your safe in order that we can best assess what parts/equipment may be required at your premises. It will always be better if you are close enough to see the safe that you require servicing, to give us the colour, make, type of key/combination etc.

We know this may be inconvenient but can promise you that the more information we have, the quicker and therefore more economically we can carry out any work that may be required.